Who are we?

Connecting smaller digital, tech and IT businesses and providing a voice for the 98% of UK businesses in our sector, which are classified as SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprise). UKITA is the ONLY group that exists solely to serve this segment. If you need to consult or engage with SMEs in our sector, get in touch with UKITA today.

  • Get in touch with us right now at the membership office on 01785 532381, via info@ukita.co.uk

UKITA fast facts

  • We are a not-for-profit Membership Organisation and Trade Association – a member of the Trade Association Forum created by the CBI and we operate under the Trade Association Forum’s Guidelines.
  • Founded in 2002 and originally funded by a regional public sector organisation (RDA), we successfully transitioned to UK-wide scope and became financially self-supporting through membership subscriptions and sponsorship in 2007.

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