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Smaller employers often steer clear of Government-funded training and skills schemes because they find them cumbersome to deal with. The things SME business owners tell us include:

  • “I don’t understand all this jargon – what’s actually in it for me as the business owner?”
  • “The candidates I have been offered in the past are not employable in my business  – I couldn’t put them in front of my clients”
  • “The providers don’t seem to realise that the real customer here is ME and my business. Not the provider, the funders or even to an extent the candidates.  I am the only person in this picture who has the option to say ‘no’ “
  • “The people I am offered for interview can sometimes tell me what they would LIKE to do but what I am really looking for is is a piece of relevant work they have already done that’s in some way relevant to what we do and which I can talk to  them about at interview  and assess their approach to work, problem solving and initiative”

Our experience at UKITA tells us that these criticisms are often justified.  But not always.

Provider characteristics that do tend to lead to apathy and low take-up by employers include:

  • A lack of meaningful filtering of candidates at the ‘input’ stage.  They take the view that ‘anyone who has a pulse is a potential candidate’.
  • Lack of real IT or real-world business experience from the leadership, management and delivery people at the provider. A public sector background is generally the reverse of a business person’s world view
  • Limited scope for the employer to have real input into what the candidates will be learning when they are away from the employer’s premises
  • Insufficient focus on real-world skills like analysis, problem-solving, knowing how to speak to people at various levels and in their approach to the workplace (punctuality, work ethic, initiative and attitude)

UKITA has formed an Apprenticeships, Skills and Employability group with the aim of providing a blueprint for the requirements and demands of the smaller employer (often called SMEs) in the IT, Digital and Tech sector. This will enable providers to tell us how well their offering fits our blueprint and allow us to list providers where we are happy to recommend their offering to our busy, demanding members and wider audience of business owners and employers.

We are also interested in undergraduate employment on employer-based projects, Business Administration apprenticeships (often seen as a ‘safer’ starting point to engage with apprenticeships for example) and ways in which IT, Digital and Tech  SME business owners are using formal or informal frameworks and systems to develop and optimise the skills and productivity of their existing workforce to enhance capability, productivity and the bottom line.

We have started to build a UK-wide list of SME-friendly schemes and we welcome conversations with training providers, FE and HE institutions and others. Get in touch with our central office or sign up for updates.


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Wyre Academy’s team of professionally-qualified trainers deliver blended training programmes towards nationally and internationally accredited (high stakes) qualifications in Tech and Digital Marketing. We critically balance and use blended online and offline approaches to ensure that the learning achieved is done according to both of our core teaching principles:

Principle 1: Learning should be “Just in Time” – you learn what you need to learn when you need to learn it.

Principle 2: Teaching should be delivered on “The Martini Principle” – your learning opportunities will be accessible Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere by use of sensibly blended digital and real-world media.



Telephone: 0333 10 100 68



At Digital Native we’re passionate about apprenticeships and we believe the apprenticeship experience should be unique for every apprentice and employer.

We take the time to listen and understand your requirements, we match the right young person to the right employer / job role and deliver bespoke training to ensure the apprenticeship is a success.

We’re selective about the young people and employers we work with. From our base at the Custard Factory in Birmingham we aim to give every apprentice the best start to their tech career.


Telephone: 0121 623 7230

Digital, IT & Tech Buyers Advice Service

Looking for completely FREE, IMPARTIAL and EXPERT business advice on how to go about sourcing a good supplier of Digital Marketing, Tech or IT products or services?

Get in touch with us right now at the membership office on 01785 532381 or via

If you have questions about how to find and engage with suppliers of business IT, Tech and Digital services and products, you can speak to us on 01785 532381 – email or use the livechat panel on the website.The UK IT Association is the independent Trade Association for the UK’s small and medium-sized  IT, Tech and Digital suppliers.

  • Our Membership office is staffed by IT/Tech experts with decades of experience and  nothing to sell you except the skills, services  and professionalism of our member companies.  We will offer you clear outline advice on options for your business technology and how to prepare yourself for going into the marketplace for IT/Tech products and services – We speak ENGLISH … not ‘computer’.
  • Our members have a wide range of skills and services to offer to business owners in need of business technology solutions  and our independent head office staff can advise on how to engage with suppliers, the types of questions to ask and answers to look for.
  • Over 95% of the suppliers in the industry fall into the category of ‘small and medium-sized enterprises’ (SMEs) and UKITA is composed of and run by representatives of the sector.

Cyber Security for SMEs


Just because you are a smaller business doesn’t make you immune to cyber risks, many of which are automated and so attack across the board regardless of the size or ‘importance’ of the victim.

UKITA’s Cyber Essentials Scheme with  free Cyber Insurance cover  costs £300 plus vat

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed and industry supported scheme to guide businesses in protecting themselves against cyber threats. Certification against this scheme is increasingly required for any company bidding for government contracts and sometimes their supply chain too. In addition to this, other organisations are now starting to include Cyber Essentials certification as a requirement in their standard supplier contracts.

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You can apply to be assessed against Cyber Essentials and obtain the certification. No uploading of evidence, vulnerability scan or site visit is required but you will need to get a board member to sign a declaration that your answers are true. The cost of self-assessment is £300 + VAT. This includes:

  • Certification against basic level Cyber Essentials
  • Optional certification against the IASME governance standard
  • Automatic cyber liability insurance for UK domiciled organisation with less than £20m turnover who pass the assessment with the whole company in scope (terms apply)

UKITA’s Cyber Essentials is carried out and administered by UKITA member IASME (Information Assurance for SMEs) and they have a number of higher levels of accreditation available.

Contact us at the membership office to find out more.

01785 532381 – – or use the livechat panel on the website

Get involved in the REAL IT, Tech and Digital Sectors

95% of UK IT, Tech and Digital Marketing businesses are smaller than 50 employees

UKITA published a report in 2011 pointing out that 98% of IT, Tech and Digital Marketing businesses in the UK employ fewer than 50 people.

In fact over EIGHTY percent of them employ fewer than 10!